Introducing My Property Manager

Introducing My Property Manager

Introducing My Property Manager

Welcome to Introducing My Property Manager, a unique and bespoke on line system for sellers, landlords and tenants.

The problem customers are facing nowadays is that with other Estate and Lettings agents as soon as they get a new property on board the failure begins. Common complaints from customers to companies include lack of communication between them and their agents, being unable to contact their agent during work hours due to other commitments. Finally their agent does not contact them as often as they should to keep them up to date on progress. Companies are not looking beyond meeting their own targets where they should be thinking about the customers.

This is far from our stance at Ingenious Move. Our customers are very important to us as a business and therefore we don’t see their properties as another target. It gives us the stance to offer a unique and outstanding service to go above and beyond when it comes down to customers expectations. We want them to be happy with the choice they have made to do business with us. Introducing My Property Manager for clients is a key way forward to interact with our customers day or night.

Therefore to remedy this we have created a system called My Property Manager to keep our customers up to date in real time regarding their property transaction whether this be sales or lettings. The system is accessible to anyone with an internet connection and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can be accessed anywhere in the world. This system communicates with our customers and allows us to update them every step of the way and they can also communicate back with us via this system. This keeps our customers up to date with progression and keeps them in the loop to avoid frustration. As this system is available all data is stored which means there is a full audit trail of their property transaction. It’s fantastic for customers who also work office hours and cannot contact us during those times. More importantly they are constantly updated which will reduce any queries they may have.

This system benefits customers selling their properties and is even more valuable for landlords and the system has been designed to provide them with their full financial history in real time. Landlords are able to view tenancy agreements, gas safety certificate, property information and financial history. Also landlords are kept updated and are automatically informed when their tenant has paid us and we have paid them so they always know when the rent is coming in. The majority of agents still send a landlord a statement once a month by email but this system allows landlords and sellers to access the information any time they want and they are also informed automatically when their account is updated so they do not need to keep log on to view any important changes / updates.

There are no other agents in the UK that have this type of system as it is unique and bespoke to Ingenious Move and has been designed by us to offer customers what they want. This means that customers do not have to remember to contact their agent during office hours nor do they have to wait for statements or important information to be posted to them. Also the data is stored in one place and can easily be referred back to, should the need the arise. This offers a clear, informative, transparent service throughout the property transaction and assists customers greatly with this.

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